Cute Baby Realistic Portrait Tattoo

Baby Portrait Tattoos

Baby Portrait Tattoos

Well this client came to us from all the way searching for who can do a best realistic tattoo in goa to get a portrait of his baby boy. though he did not had any closeup picture of the baby on his phone…

Now here it gets interesting he had a back-cover of his iphone where he had his cute baby face print as you can see down below.

goatattoo portrait tattoo

It was a kinda hard task to get the details and the facial expression of the baby from 1.5/2inch print.. We did what we can do best and gave him what he were after. Client friends were very impressed and they decided to get a miniature tattoos from us. So all in all client got little emotional from the happiness to see his baby boy portrait on his forearm and the friends were totally satisfied and told us couple of time that we are best at what we do.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

isn’t baby looks adorable cute ๐Ÿ™‚

baby portrait tattoos

This is for the future client’s who want to get a portrait of their loved-one’s,
Do bring some higher resolution close-up pictures so we can give you our best to bring up realistic facial details in tattoo..


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