the rock tattoo goa krish

The Rock Old Tattoo

                                      The Rock Old Tattoo The Old Rock tattoo by ghanasham at goa tattoo krish

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goa tattoo beach

Goa Secret Beach

                                                              Goa Secret Beach Tattoo Beach Tattoo in Goa Done By Ghanasham one if my client want to get goa beach tattoo so here is…

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Mountain goa tattoo krish

Music Mountain Tattoo

                                    Music Mountain Tattoo Goa Music Mountain By Ghanasham            

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om tattoo goa krish

Om Tattoo scripture symbol

                                Om Tattoo Indian scripture symbol Om Tattoo By Vijay At Krish Tattoo Goa Discover ancient Indian scripture symbols with the top 90 best Om tattoo  

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Lion Dotwork krish tattoo goa

Lion Head Geometric Dotwork

                                Lion Head Geometric Dotwork Lion Dotwork By Vijay At Krish Goa Tattoo More Tattoos Picture Visit Here:

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Natraj Tattoo goa

Natraj Tattoo

                              Natraj Shiva Tattoo Natraj  Tattoo By Ghanasham At Krish Tattoo Goa ‘Naṭarājar’, Sanskrit: नटराज, lit. ‘Nataraaj’, meaning “the lord of dance”), is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. … The Nataraja reliefs have been identified in…

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Hip Tattoo

Tattoo on Hip Tattoos

      Hip Tattoo now days tattoo in hip tattoos are quit famous even choice of celebrity Like : Selena Gomez,Rihanna’s,Kate Gosselin,Justin Bieber,Britney Spears. And lots More Celebrity do have. This Tattoo made by Artist: Ghanasham Recently did a #hiptattoo on a pretty super strong girl  she sat like a rock   From all of our client we…

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goa tattoo mandala

mandala tattoo on forearm

Mandala by Ghanasham At Krish Goa Tattoo This infomation cover about mandala means What is a mandala and how are mandalas and courage associated? The mandala has protracted been utility in Tibetan Buddhism to increase thought habit. The journey the mandala is renew accompany well-established moral code – the diffusive ring inhold other geometrical sample, the colours…

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Paul Weller Realistic Portrait

Paul Weller Realistic Portrait – Best tattoo artist in Goa Paul 50yrs old yet big and strong wanted to get a portrait of Singer/Musician Paul Weller who he is fan from 70’s so this is how it goes. At first paul went to the other tattoo shop for the portrait he wanted but after seeing…

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Shiva Concept Tattoo

Shiva Concept Tattoo A Gujarati Guy(NRI) came from #London with his mother who is 76yrs old as she wanted to visit #india for peace of mind and he also wanted the same, after been 2-3weeks in #Gujarat they also decided to visit #Goa for the first time and they #love it everything about Goa 🙂…

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Henna Mehendi Inspired Tattoo

Henna Mehendi Inspired Tattoo Cool girl and business women at same time came for a tattoo but wanted something related to mehendi inspired as she and we discuss about how #rihanna got herself similar to mehendi kinda pattern on her hand.. so here is the henna mehendi art tattoo 😀 #Henna #Mehendi #Inspired #Tattoo

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henna tattoo

Indian Mehndi Henna Tattoo – Tradition

Indian Mehndi Henna Tattoo – Tradition Gemma from United Kingdom were planning a trip to come to Goa with her parents for her 18th birthday 🙂 Her parents has been coming to Goa from many years and she wanted to make it special and get the most out of it by getting inked/tattoo on her birthday of mehndi henna style! Krish wanted the day to be very…

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Michael Jackson Tattoo

Michael Jackson Tattoo                                   Michael Jackson Tattoo did to big fan of him really enjoying that moment Artist Vijay

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feather tyattoo by vijay

Feather Tattoo on shoulder

Feather Tattoo on shoulder for Girl Girls Always wanted feather tattoo on her shoulder 🙂 black and gray feather tattoo

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buddha knot tattoo

Buddha Knot Tattoo By Ghanasham                           buddha knot tattoo did with dot work it took 7 hours to finish this pieace

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leg rose tattoo goa
realistic portrait tattoo goa

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Goa

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Goa Did Girl Realistic Portrait Tattoo in Krish Goa

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Finger Tattoo Elephant

Finger Tattoo – Krish Tattoo Goa

                      Finger Tattoo Elephant krishtattoosSweet Girl Came For Finger Tattoo of Cute Baby Elephant With Red Heart. Thanks For Tips 😉

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